Digital Marketing In Music

Digital marketing has become so widely spread in a world of today, that it can change the whole industries and the way they do things. It is the same with the music industry. This type of marketing is changing it as we speak but, the fact is, only a few industries truly comprehend and understand the need to evolve more than what they do. When it comes to music industry, a lot has changed in the last few decades.

People used to listen to music on vinyl back in a day, tapes and cassettes and nowadays, they have Tidal. The truth is, in less than 50 years, we went from slow dial-up to a fully developed social life on the Internet, using a wide variety of mediums and devices. This only resulted in an expansion of entrepreneurial explorers that are literally claiming the whole digital music landscape as their own. Hence, you can now promote your music through digital marketing in so many ways that it is hard to keep track. You have platforms like Vimeo and YouTube, numerous and countless music websites where you can only listen or even purchase music, commercials, you name it. iTunes, Bandcamp, LastFM and so on, all doing a type of music marketing in a digital way. So, if you take a music star like Neil Young, a famous singer that sure does have lots of talent, and give it a good production and marketing and suddenly, millions of fans are into his music. Digital marketing is a key component how you can spread the word about your music. And with the recent outburst of various musical online applications and platforms, you are sure to become successful if your digital marketing strategy is good.

Before the internet age

Before the Internet, things were quite different. You had radio stations, industry press, and TV, DJs that played the songs in the clubs. Today, you still have those ways but fewer and fewer people are following them. Now, you can use social media outlets like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well as major digital music platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, and Tidal. The question is, how exactly social media and digital marketing affect the music? Well, social media allows musical talents to become global superstars. It is quite easy to make it online today. The advantage of social media is that it gives the opportunity to the fans to engage and interact with their favorite musicians and this contributes a lot to the popularity of these musicians.

For example, Niel Young, a Canadian country singer started very early with his musical career. He was very popular and he still is. People can now find his material on Youtube and listen to the whole discography with ease. They do not have to go through numerous music shops, looking for CDs or vinyl. All they have to do is type in Neil Young and the music starts. It made this singer even more popular.